21 / 04 2016

Chìa khóa trao tay nhà máy Robust – 18,000 Chai/Giờ

Guangdong Robust Group is a nationally known large food and beverage companies, one of China’s top ten enterprises in the beverage industry, focused on the development of the second batch of large enterprise groups, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, the first fifteen industrial enterprises, the product trademark “Le hundred’s “is the Chinese food and beverage industry is one of the few by the State trademark Bureau finds that the” well-known trademark.”Robust group formerly known as Guangdong Today Group, founded in 1989, today the Group was formally established in October 1992. August 1999, the Group’s management center moved from Zhongshan, Guangzhou; October, the Group changed its name today Robust Group.


Cooperation projects with Jimei:18,000BPH pure water bottling lines

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